Beehive Textbook in English



The Fun They Had

Isaac Asimov

The Road Not Taken (Poem)

Robert Frost

The Sound of Music

I. Evelyn Glennie: Deborah Cowley

II. Bismillah Khan

Wind (Poem)

Subramania Bharati

The Little Girl

Katherine Mansfield

Rain on the Roof (Poem)

Coates Kinney

A Truly Beautiful Mind

The Lake Isle of Innisfree (Poem)-deleted

William Butler Yeats

The Snake and the Mirror-deleted

Vaikom Muhammad Basheer

A Legend of the Northland (Poem)

Phoebe Cary

My Childhood

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

No Men Are Foreign (Poem)

James Kirkup


Jerome K. Jerome

The Duck and the Kangaroo-deleted

Edward Lear

Reach for the Top

I. Santosh Yadav

II. Maria Sharapova

On Killing a Tree (Poem)

Gieve Patel

The Bond of Love

Kenneth Anderson

The Snake Trying (Poem)

W. W. E. Ross


Vikram Seth

A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal (Poem)-deleted

William Wordsworth

If I Were You

Douglas James

Moments Supplementary Reader in English



The Lost Child

Mulk Raj Anand

The Adventures of Toto

Ruskin Bond

Iswaran the Storyteller-deleted

R. K. Laxman

In the Kingdom of Fools

Kannada Folktale (ed.) A. K. Ramanujan

The Happy Prince

Oscar Wilde

Weathering the Storm in Ersama

Harsh Mander

The Last Leaf

O. Henry

A House Is Not a Home

Zan Gaudioso

The Accidental Tourist-deleted

Bill Bryson

The Beggar

Anton Chekhov

Grammar 10 Marks
V. Ten Multiple Choice Questions, out of twelve, to be answered. Questions shall be based
on the following
i. Tenses
ii. Modals
iii. Subject – verb concord
iv. Reported speech
a. Commands and requests
b. Statements
c. Questions
v. Determiners
• Use of Passive Voice
• Clauses: Noun, Adverb Clauses of condition and time, Relative
• Prepositions
Writing 10 marks
I. Writing a Descriptive Paragraph (word limit 100-120 words) on a person or a diary entry
based on visual or verbal cue/s. One out of two questions is to be answered. 5 marks
II. Writing a story (word limit 100-120 words) on the basis of given cue/s . One out of two
questions is to be answered. 5 marks
• Letter on a situation
• Descriptive Paragraph on a place/even

The Fun They Had


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