Welcome to TCG Public School!

With a stellar record in the field of academics, TCG School is one of the best CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) school in Northern India. We believe that education is the most powerful tool and it has been our earnest endeavour to provide student-centric and value-based learning with ample opportunities for individual growth and development.

TCG School At A Glance

TCG School is a private, recognized, co-educational, founded in the year 1996. Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).
We as a strong family of thousands, comprising the most caring parents like you and our lovely children, lay hold of the responsibility to pave a path for your child’s bright and secure future. To make it happen we follow a richly engaging and culturally relevant curriculum, the foundation of TCG School is laid upon the very own Indian core values and culture to ensure your child’s growth in every aspect of life while preparing one to embrace the challenges of future.

Education at our school is more of awakening with the finest opportunities for students to achieve high standards in their life as a whole. We strongly believe there should be no limitations to your child’s ambitions. We provide enough freedom to our students to be themselves and to fully explore all the educational opportunities available to them. Every teacher at TCG School goes beyond academics and channelizes the energy of the students in a positive manner. Guidance in critical thinking and openness of approach in the learning process makes the classroom experience inspiring and motivating

"All Life Is An Experiment"

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We believe that experiments are the key to the future. Hence, we provide all the freedom to our students to experiment under certified guidance of our experienced faculties from their respective branch of specialization. With proper guidance and support, we have been successful to make our students ready to crush the competition in this competitive world by inducing the engaging activities like exhibitions, debates, folk dance, story and essay writing, clay modelling, quizzes and many more within the concise curriculum of our school. Under this uncompromising schedule, there is a dedicated time slot allocated at specific intervals throughout the year for the crucially important medical activities such as medical camps for the routine check-ups of our students including Eye, E.N.T, Dental and General Health Camps.

Some of the important topics that we stand against as a community are of great concern related to the whole of mankind on this planet earth. The solution is always simple, all we need is to get the right person to counsel. Here, we at TCG school put a great emphasis on the counselling the way out of any problem that our students face as a human. Whether it be their career or the issues they hesitate to talk or discuss with the people around them. Our approach is very simple, we reach out to them as an authority and guide their way out by providing them with a friendly environment. Special self-defence sessions are held for the girl’s club and taekwondo for boys.

Mission & Vision

School is aimed to provide quality education to the children. School provide all the opportunity required for the overall development for the child. School is aimed to provide a stimulating opportunity for the pupil to develop personal skills attribute such as confidence and enterprise. School make each and every effort to make the pupil strong enough in each and every field to face the challenges of the world.

Our Values

  • Creativity, innovation and a desire to challenge the status both in what and how we teach and in the intellectual ambition of the school itself.
  • A rich, engaging and culturally relevant curriculum for every student with full art music library, science history and language program in addition to reading and maths.
  • Safe orderly respectful and nurturing learning environment.

Our school curricular also allows our teachers the flexibility to adopt an innovative method to stimulate the interest and attention among their students. We make effective efforts to make the child physically and mentally strong. We provide them with the best opportunity for the strong foundation for facing the challenges of life and building their career.

Our Faculties

The greatest strength of a school is its faculty. The school takes pride in the faculty comprising of professionals with years of experience in teaching at institutions of repute. They all are compassionate and committed, motivated and inspired by the opportunity to innovate and innovating to learn. The school encourages teachers to upgrade their skills and knowledge by pursuing higher avenues of training where new and innovative methodologies can be learnt. Training programmes and workshops are organised on a regular basis.