Top 10 CBSE Schools in Kotdwara

Top 10 CBSE Schools in Kotdwara

Kotdwara is a beautiful small town, situated at foothills of Himalayas. The city’s total area is 80 sq. km. Kotdwar means Gateway to Garhwal because it’s a gateway to hills of Pauri Garhwal region in Uttarakhand.

Education/Schools in Kotdwara

It is blessed with a number of quality schools offering excellent education in the state. These number of schools are rising day by day and creating a healthy environment of competition. There are nearly 15 CBSE schools in Kotdwara and among all these, TCG is one of the Best School in Kotdwara. The school campus is spread over 8094 sq. mt. area. It has healthy environment.

List Of Top 10 CBSE Schools In Kotdwara

1- TCG Public School, Kotdwara           


3- Scholars Academy, Kotdwara

4- DAV Public School, Kotdwara

5- Navyug Public School, Kotdwara

6- RCD Public School, Kotdwara

7- MKVN Public School, Kotdwara

8- Shri Guru Ram Rai Public School, Kotdwara

9- Hayed Heritage Academy, Kotdwara

10- AVN School, Kotdwara

TCG Public School is one of the best school among Top 10 CBSE Schools In Kotdwara

Why TCG is the Best School?

TCG is one of the best school among TOP 10 CBSE SCHOOLS IN KOTDWARA because of –

  • Academic Development
  • Quality Education – TCG aimed to provide quality education to their students and focus on overall development of the student. There is a perfect balance between academic and cultural activity to ensure the overall development of the child. The quality education of TCG Public School helps it to become one of the best schools in the list of TOP 10 CBSE SCHOOLS IN KOTDWARA.
  • We provide remedial classes for week students for improvement and special classes for the preparation of competitive exam, which help the students to excel in competitive exams.

These remarkable features make TCG one of the best school in Top 10 CBSE Schools In Kotdwara.

  • School curricular allows teachers flexibility to adopt innovation method to stimulate the interest and attention among their students. Our efforts make the child physically & mentally strong.
  • We provide best opportunity to children for the strong foundation for facing the challenges of life and building their career.
  • Technical Support – We provide them all types of facilities like library, labs, technical equipment, and internet, audio-visual aids required to produce effective learning.
  • Extra Activities – We pay special attention toward the extra co-curricular activities, cultural activities and sports activities.
  • Healthy Environment – The school is in contact with a well-equipped, neat and clean infirmary with a professional doctor and a medical coordinator who arranges medical activities in the school throughout theyear.
  • Problem solving techniques – TCG Public School effectively solves problems which comes in the teaching learning process. Now a days in the crucial period of COVID 19 the school is providing very effective live classes. And thus our school comes under TOP 10 CBSE SCHOOLS IN KOTDWARA.
  • School website – We keep on updating school website time to time. Now a days We have an amazing website through which every students can login with their personal login details and can find the study material in the form of text slides, videos and ppt. No other school in Uttarakhand is having such type of systemic website. This also helps TCG to get a place in Top 10 CBSE Schools In Kotdwara.
  • Safety Measure

1. Security cameras are installed in school gate and gate is property locked during school hours, no outsider without proper checking is allowed to enter school campus.

2. School is monitored by well-trained guard during day and night Dress code and badges are made mandatory for both school staff members both teaching and non-teaching Staff

3. Digital Attendance system is introduced in school seeking the safety of students

4. CCTV cameras are installed in school campus I card is made mandatory for all staff members both teaching and non-teaching staff.

These unique safety measures make TCG public school one of the best school among TOP 10 CBSE SCHOOLS IN KOTDWARA.

  • Best Result –

School is producing 100% Result in board classes, for the last five years and it ranked TCG Public School among the Top 10 CBSE Schools In Kotdwara.